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    Johannes Huebl, one of the best stylish men on this planet.

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    Ayrton Senna Interlagos 1991

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    1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale by Bertone

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    A large school of mobula rays fades into the waters of Baja, Mexico. “The rays were moving quite fast and it was hard enough keeping up with them from the surface, let alone diving down to take a closer look,” writes photographer Eduardo Lopez Negrete. Mobula rays are often referred to as flying rays due to their fondness for breaching.” — the 2014 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest

    Let’s also keep in mind that a mobula ray can reach 17 foot (5.2 meter) wingspan and weigh over a ton. Freaky or cool? 

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    Visitar ~ Jessica Tremp

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